1. We, who had enough of this cynicism and hypocrisy.
2. We, who had enough of this so called democracy (and please don't ask me to define democracy as that would perpetuate the entanglement we have put ourselves in).
3. We, who are officially declaring that we live in times of change, like those of the 16th Century when Galilee discovered that it was not the Sun that went around the Earth, but the other way around.
4. We, who find it difficult to live this insanity, and being called mad on top.
5. We, who can feel the connection with the Earth, which has been denied and replaced by political systems and economical interests.
6. We, who refuse to be unhappy; we who have not bought into the idea that happiness is tobe won or deserved; we who know happiness is an unavoidable conclusion.
7. We, who cannot live without brainfood of all kinds.
8. We, who know that if one wants something the whole universe will conspire with one.
9. We, who realise the human potential and how it is being wasted and taken into directions that are not the most beneficial for the whole.
10. We, who thrive to live and wished to die.
11. We, who believe in Love as a solution for it all.
12. We, who are declaring the obvious.
13. We, who see a Spiritual Revolution as logical, unavoidable and unstoppable.
14. We, who believe in GOD but in no known religion. We, who believe GOD is the creative power, is having a choice.
15. We, who want to do it. Do you want to do it?!
16. We, who are going to do it because it's going to happen anyway.
17. We, who see this as exciting stuff !!
18. We, those who believe in collective consciousness.
19. We, those.
20. We, those who see themselves as human.
21. We, those who believe Life should be a constant orgy of the senses

Do you believe in this? Then act upon it!