About ndn

neo-dogma-non is an art movement whose intention is to raise human awareness and to help bring the importance of human creation back to the forefront of existence.
neo-dogma-non is a social enterprise, an organization that is dedicated to creating positive social change. We do this mainly by curating exhibitions with a humanist theme. However, we do engage in collaborative projects with other organizations from time to time other than exhibitions.
We started at the Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, in 2001. In 2003, neo-dogma-non collaborated with Festival of Flight and then became one of the founding members of The Synergy Project. We joined the London Biennale in 2004. neo-dogma-non was created by Rosemarie Lopes (aka Maria Lopes).

The Logo
Our logo is composed by a triangle symbolising the Fire of Life, and 3 circles inside symbolising Love, Health & Friendship.
The Words
neo - new
dogma - belief
non - not